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Home automation has swept the world by storm. Ever since technology has become more integrated and interconnected between devices, innovators have been looking for ways to make your mobile device the key to all aspects of life. You can email, call, and control almost anything from your phone. Of course, home automation is not limited to just your phone. You can set up the control app from any device, including smartwatches, tablets, and computers. No matter what device your control point is located on, the ease is beyond any other technological advance. Home automation and the idea of a “smart home” is pulling society into the next phase of electrical innovation.

How Home Automation Works
Home automation has the potential to control sprinkler systems, various appliances, light switches, thermostats, heating and cooling systems, smoke detectors, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, doors, windows, and locks, all from one device. Automation refers to its ability to program timed commands and alter use according to a schedule. For example, you could have your outside lights turn on at the same time every day without going into the app and manually pushing the button daily.

The application may sound confusing, but just three components make home automation work: controllers, sensors, and actuators.
• Controllers are the device you use to pilot the program. They send and receive messages regarding the status of various automated appliances in your home.
• Actuators are motorized valves, complete motors, or switches that control the function or mechanism of the automated object. They are already programmed to be accessed from a remote controller.
• Sensors monitor changes in temperature, motion detection, or daylight. Your controller will be able to adjust how your home automation system responds to those changes.

The Benefits
1. Remote Access
The ease of accessing all your home’s aspects on one device is unparalleled in comfort. You could be at a friend’s house down the road or visiting a country halfway across the world. No matter where you are, you have 24/7 access to your home. The convenience is also excellent since you can program your app to change settings in response to varying factors.

2. Energy Efficiency
As previously mentioned, home automation can change settings automatically, which becomes especially beneficial when trying to save money on energy. For example, you can alter your light usage by having them dim or turn off completely at a certain point, ensuring you won’t fall asleep and forget to turn off the lights. Also, you can lower the thermostat at night or when you’ve left a room.

3. Increased Safety
Lastly, having fire detectors, pressure sensors, security cameras, and carbon monoxide sensors on your mobile device is critical for in-home safety. No burglar or detrimental event will slip by unnoticed. You can save your house and all those inside with this easy access.

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