New Construction

One of the joys of building or remodeling your own home is taking full advantage of exciting technologies that are widely available today. If you are planning on or dreaming of a home theater or media room, a TV over a fireplace, whole house music or multi-room video, now is the time to install the proper wiring to support those dreams. Installing the proper wiring and cables while the walls are accessible will save you time, money and aggravation down the road.

SSAVI will work with you, your builder, architect and designer to ensure your plans turn into reality. The first phase is pre-wiring for your present and future plan for technology. Let us help you bring your plans to life.

Other A/V Services

Home Theatre

Bring the high-quality video and immersive audio experience of your favorite movies to your own home

Home Automation

Turn your house into a personalized SMART home, with voice control & mobile access everywhere you go

Outdoor Living Space

Elevate your outdoor living and entertainment space with rock speakers, outdoor TVs, underground subs, etc.

Whole House Music

Stream music to every room of your house (and even outside!) from your favorite devices

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