Control4 is compatible in both new and older homes, and installing Home Automation features can dramatically increase your home’s value!

Turn Any Home into a SMART Home

A Control4 Smart Home coordinates the devices in your home to create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind.

With one touch, dim the lights, turn on the TV, play music, turn up the heat, lock the door and arm the security system. Or, have your house respond to your schedule without touching anything at all. Take control with Control4!

Imagine if your home managed itself. Your lights know when to turn on and off. Your doors lock as you leave. Your heater warms the house as you head home from work. From the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, you are taken care of at every turn. And from your smart phone or tablet, you can command virtually any system and device, from anywhere, at any time. You’ve imagined life in a Control4 Smart Home.

Transform Your Home with Smart Home Automation

Control4 Smart Home Automation brings seamless coordination to the devices in your home, offering a personalized experience that enhances your comfort, convenience, security, and peace of mind. Explore a wide range of smart home devices and solutions that cater to your preferences and routines, transforming your house into a fully integrated smart home.

Experience the Power of Control4 Home Automation System

With one touch or a simple voice command, dim the lights, activate the entertainment system, adjust the temperature, lock the doors, and arm the smart home security system. Take full control of your home’s functionalities with Control4’s intuitive home control system. Whether you’re at home or on the go, access and manage every aspect of your smart home with ease through your smartphone or tablet.

A SMART Home That Manages Itself

Say goodbye to manual adjustments and welcome a home that intuitively adapts to your lifestyle. Smart lighting knows when to illuminate your space, while smart home security keeps you protected at all times. Embrace the convenience of smart home lighting, entertainment, and intercom systems that seamlessly communicate within your home. With Amazon’s Alexa, enjoy hands-free control and experience the next level of smart home integration.

Enhance Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Solutions

Control4 Home Automation extends beyond traditional smart home features. Embrace a smart lifestyle with personalized solutions that cater to your preferences and routines. Wake up to gentle lighting, have your favorite music playing as you enter a room, and ensure energy efficiency by automating smart home appliances. With our smart home installation services, experience a truly integrated and sophisticated living space.


With Amazon’s Alexa voice control integration, manage your smart home with simple voice commands. Control lights, thermostats, locks, and more without lifting a finger. Alexa makes your smart home even smarter, providing unparalleled convenience.

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