Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

We pride ourselves on offering the most up-to-date information on the latest technology and assisting you in customizing your home to meet your preferences. Our dedicated team of home technology experts will collaborate with you every step of the way, ensuring your complete satisfaction and happiness with the final results.

Whether you’re dreaming of a state-of-the-art home theater, a multi-room audio system, a smart home automation setup, or outdoor entertainment space, our in-home consultation will help you bring your vision to life.

SSAVI understands and appreciates the uniqueness of every project. Our initial step is a FREE onsite survey of your home. There are many factors involved in getting an Audio/Video system designed just right. We work closely with you to determine your audio/video needs and meet with you at your home to make sure the proposal we submit to you will meet your desires and budget. We do the research and assist you in customizing your home by providing up-to-date information on all of the latest technology. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction and happiness with the results.

Customization to Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a movie lover, or a tech-savvy homeowner, we tailor our recommendations to your specific interests and budget. Our goal is to create an entertainment space that reflects your personality and enhances your daily life.

Assessing Your Space

During the onsite survey, we carefully assess your home’s layout, acoustics, and existing infrastructure to design a tailored audio/video system. We consider factors such as room size, lighting, and furniture placement to optimize the audio and visual experience.


Seamless Integration with Your Decor

We understand the importance of aesthetics in your home. Our team ensures that the installation seamlessly integrates with your interior design, leaving no exposed wires or clunky equipment. Your home will retain its beauty while benefiting from cutting-edge technology.

From Consultation to Installation

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the consultation. Once we finalize the design, our experienced technicians will handle the installation with precision and care.

Quality Equipment and Brands

We work with reputable audio and video equipment brands to deliver top-notch performance and reliability. From speakers and amplifiers to projectors and screens, we source only the best products for your home.

Other A/V Services

Home Theatre

Bring the high-quality video and immersive audio experience of your favorite movies to your own home

Home Automation

Turn your house into a personalized SMART home, with voice control & mobile access everywhere you go

New Construction

Building or remodeling your own home is taking full advantage of exciting technologies that are widely available today.

Outdoor Living Space

Elevate your outdoor living and entertainment space with rock speakers, outdoor TVs, underground subs, etc.

Whole House Music

Stream music to every room of your house (and even outside!) from your favorite devices

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